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Energy Medicine by Donna Eden


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Meridian Tracing with the 24-Hour Meridian Flow Wheel

Affirmations to Anchor Positive Attributes of the 14 Meridians

Susan Shanley, LCSW

© 2011 

While tracing the meridians, focus inwardly and gently voice these affirmations:

Affirmation Meridian
I center myself in spirit. Central
I ground myself in gratitude. Governing
I nourish myself with love. Spleen
I love myself deeply... and completely. Heart
I know what I want... and I AM decisive. Small Intestine
I feel vibrant, hopeful, and fully alive. Bladder
I step forward with courage. Kidney
I take excellent care… of my heart. Circulation-Sex
I honor my inner Warrior… I AM safe.  Triple Warmer
I assert myself peacefully… and release judgment easily. Gall bladder
I am KIND to myself. Liver
I breathe in fresh chi & inspiration… I breathe out stale chi & grief. Lung
I let go of fear, guilt, anger, and shame… and live fully in the NOW. Large Intestine
I trust the mystery of life. Stomach
I nourish myself with love. Spleen
I center myself in spirit. Central
I ground myself in gratitude. Governing
I nourish myself with love. Gently trace
the first 3 hearts
of “Nine Hearts,”
on the face.

Continue with “Nine Hearts,” a Radiant Circuit Hook-up
(see Handout Bank for detailed description):

Connecting to one’s inner stillness, trace 3 large hearts on the torso.

Place hands on the heart chakra with fingertips touching, and affirm:


May I step forward lightly… (fingertips remain at the heart chakra)
In peace... (trace 7th heart in auric field)
(rest at the heart chakra)
Joy… (trace 8th heart in auric field)
(rest at the heart chakra)
Compassion… (trace 9thheart in auric field)
And love. (rest at the heart chakra)


Inhaling, circle hands—palms up—out to sides and overhead.  Stretching arms high, place palms together in prayer position.  Exhale while mindfully lowering hands to heart chakra.  Center and pause to honor life and all beings.

Affirmations created by Susan Shanley.  Based on the work of Donna Eden and David Feinstein, who describe the benefits of meridian tracing in the book, Energy Medicine (Jeremy P. Tarcher, 2008).  David Feinstein’s Energy Psychology Interactive (an electronic resource, 2004) also lists emotions associated with each of the fourteen meridians.  See for full description of “Nine Hearts,” a Radiant Circuit Hook-Up.

From the “Handout Bank” of the Energy Medicine Institute


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