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The Essentials of Energy Medicine

April 14 - June 30, 2016


Putting on the Practitioner's Hat

May 23 - 24, 2016

Litchfield Park, Arizona, United States

18th International Energy Psychology Conference

June 02 - 05, 2016

Santa Clara, California, United States

American Society of Dowsers 2016 National Convention

June 15 - 20, 2016

Saratoga Springs, New York, United States

June Eden Energy Medicine UK Certification Classes

June 17 - 27, 2016

Wotton, Surrey, United Kingdom

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Our Staff


Our Dedicated and Caring Staff
Front Row: Dondi, Titanya, David, Donna, Katrina, Anna Marie, Michelle
Back Row: Karen, Nancy, Leslie, Nick, Linda, Roger, Michelle, Angie, Eric, Carrie, Andrea

Want to know a little bit about the person behind those emails, registrations, programs, phone calls, and more? The people that make it possible for Donna and David and our faculty to bring you Energy Medicine?

Take a look at our wonderful staff. Without these hard-working folks, our vision of Raising the Vibration of the Planet, One Person at a Time, would never be a reality. Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.



Michelle Earnest
Director of Education

Working with Innersource as Director of Education is like a dream come true. I oversee all the educational activities that Innersource offers, including the certification program, teacher training, and advanced classes. I am also an EEM Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP), maintain a small private practice, and teach a few basic and advanced EEM classes. My passion is finding new ways to integrate EEM into the mainstream of life.

When I'm not working you will find me cooking, reading books on theology and spirituality, playing with my dogs, gardening, catching up with my five adult kids, or just walking around the beautiful historic district that surrounds my home in Fredericksburg, VA. An almost-native New Englander, I also find as many excuses as I can to head up to the rocky beaches of the New Hampshire seacoast in the summer and fall.

I truly believe that "Life is good!

Roger Devenyns

Roger Devenyns
Director of Administration

I have been working for Innersource since March, 2008. In my role I oversee the Accounting Team, the Warehouse Team - all of whom rock the house! - as well as assisting with planning new events and other general planning oversight. Currently I am also serving as the Convention Manager for our annual IGEEM Convention (International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine), which is a celebration of all things Eden Energy Medicine - I hope to meet you there!

In my free time, I have the distinct pleasure of enjoying being the father of Tiernan Ray (Donna & David's grandson) and sneaking in a Padres game or playing a little softball during his naps.

Leslie Adams copy

Leslie Adams
Bookkeeper/Core Staff Coordinator

I have worked for Innersource since October 1999, in the Accounting Department. I live in Ashland, Oregon, with my husband Mark, two sons, Dylan and Mark, and 3 cats, Marvin, Meiko and Maggie. For fun I sing in a local jazz choir.

Katrina Hill

Katrina Hill
Customer Service Manager/Innersource Website Email

I began working for Innersource in 1999...

...Delighting in the self empowering teachings and tools of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

...Rejoicing in the individual gifts of Donna Eden and David Feinstein; together.

...Believing in every communication with each person through Innersource and throughout the world.

Blessings to all.

Carrie Cento

Carrie Cento
Database/Website Manager

I'm responsible for updating the web site and keeping our databases running smoothly. (Our database helps us keep in touch with all of you and track your classes and events.) I've been working for Innersource since my son was an infant, helping with data entry, while he napped. Fast forward 10 years and here I am working almost full time from home. Slowly and surely, I have become more and more interested in Energy Medicine and now I am a graduate of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program. I credit Energy Medicine for adding two quality years onto my mother's life while she battled a terminal disease. I love this stuff.

Eric Stahlman

Eric G. Stahlman
Continuing Education Program Coordinator

Since 2007 I have been working for Donna Eden & Innersource as an Administrative Assistant to Lori Kats, then Event Planner, and now am dedicating my time to developing the Continuing Education Department & Continued Training Department.· It has been my joy to support the work of Energy Medicine as it makes its way around the globe.· And it has been humbling to be part of the lives of people EM has changed.


Andrea Malden
Student Administration

I’ve been part of the Innersource Team since 2010, and it is a real joy to serve our students, faculty, and staff. As Student Administration, I handle data tracking and entry for our students. In my free time I love being with my family, walking in the woods, singing harmony to the radio, and getting crafty!

Angie Mason

Angie Mason
Admin. Assistant/Bookkeeping

I've been working as Leslie's assistant in the Accounting Department for about 2 1/2 years. My husband and I own and operate a small wholesale bakery located in Phoenix, Oregon. I feel blessed to be a part of the Innersource Family.


Nancy King
Event Manager

I’m honored to serve as the Event Manager. It is truly my pleasure to assist students and faculty as they pursue their heart’s calling toward Eden Energy Medicine. How magical to watch the gift of Energy Medicine being shared on a daily basis! My marvelous husband and I live in Eugene, Oregon in our beautiful mountain top home. Family, Friends, Art, Nature...these are the things that make my heart sing.


Karen Berry
IT Assistant

I am an IT Assistant with Innersource. My primary job is to assist in posting classes, events, and practitioner listings online. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, computers, and traveling.


Dondi Dahlin
Executive Assistant, TEEM 101 Class Administrator, Innersource Photographer, Facebook Coordinator, and Special Project Coordinator

After a 20-year career in Middle Eastern dance and performing around the world, I started working for Innersource. It is a much friendlier place than show business where I was also an actress and became a member of The Screen Actors Guild.

At Innersource, I work on short and long term projects with Donna and David (one of my favorite projects in Innersource was writing, "The Little Book of Energy Medicine" with my mom), as well as manage the TEEM 101 program (Teaching Eden Energy Medicine) and help run some of our Facebook pages. I love the connection that Facebook brings and I enjoy posting educational and entertaining photos and videos that people can use for better health and vitality.

Another role I have at Innersource is company photographer. I absolutely LOVE being behind the camera, and though I am not a professional photographer, I am proud to have captured some great shots.

I still travel the world, but now I travel with the whole family assisting with Eden Energy Medicine workshops. I am Donna's youngest daughter and my son Tiernan is Donna and David's grandson who was born May 23, 2009. Roger Devenyns is Tiernan's amazing Dad. We all live in San Diego and our home is #877 on the list of San Diego's historical designations.

Titanya Dahlin

Titanya Monique Dahlin
Energy Medicine Movement Coordinator/Party Planner

“HI! I am so happy to be a part of this group, as I wear many different costumes in Innersource. You might’ve danced with me at one of Donna Eden’s workshops in my own creation, Energy Dance, which is based upon the Energy Medicine work. You might’ve written to me about your Life Color. You might be emailing me as a musician that we might be hiring for our rockin’ graduation parties. You might’ve witnessed the Graduation Spiral or our Radiant Parties, which has all been my doing. You may even have thought that I was Donna, herself or the Mother of Tiernan (as I look so much like both of them and Lil’ T and I are always goofing around).

I’m Tiernan’s Aunt and Donna is my Mom. I have been with Donna, creating energy medicine charts and handouts since the late 80’s, while my sister, Dondi (at age 12) was her secretary. I’ve come to realize that I am a third generational healer and intuitive, which I have had to accept as an incredibly important role in this world. I didn’t really want it, but that’s another story. Slowly, I began to co-teach with my mother before the book or David came along. I came fully aboard, from my other life as a professional Belly Dancer and actress, when the first book came about. I’ve been trying to keep the integrity of my mother’s wonderful spirit in this organization, while catering to the needs of the students. I will try to make magic, for you all, whenever I can! Love Laughter and plenty of Chocolate!"

Titanya lives up in the mountains of Big Bear on TinkerBell ave. (she’s very into fairies) in her “healing cabin” with a magical cat named Lucia and an all ‘round good hearted guy named Jeff.


Frank Dowler
Teaching Assistant Coordinator

I am the Teaching Assistant Coordinator for Innersource, as well as the Scholarship Coordinator for the EEMCP and Faculty Technical Support person at the EEMCP classes in Phoenix. I wear many hats for Innersource. Overseeing the Teaching Assistants – processing applications for new TAs, keeping track of TAs who want to work events, selecting TAs to work the events, planning the TA roles at events, and creating the TA handbooks for events – are my main roles.

I began my studies with Innersource in 2002, became a TA in 2004, the Stage Manager for the 5-Day classes in 2007, and the TA Coordinator in 2008. My time with Innersource has been quite busy.

My spare time goes to reading, watching Science Fiction movies and TV shows, and taking trips to Disney World which is only 45 minutes from home. My picture was taken at Dinoland, USA in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Then before Innersource I ran a comic book / game / science fiction store for 25 years, so you can see why I like Disney and Science Fiction movies and TV shows.


Francie Boyce
Advanced Practitioner Program Coordinator

I am an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and have been on the Certification faculty since its conception. I fell in love with Donna and her work in 2000. My other passion is A Course In Miracles in which my husband and I facilitate a group that has been meeting with us every Monday night for 7 years. In my free time you will find me hiking or biking. I live on a river in Maryland with my husband and hopefully plenty of guests!! I keep telling all my friends, "Your tax dollars produce wonderful entertainment for us in Washington DC so come visit!"

Jennifer Mills

Jennifer Mills
Communications Coordinator

I was introduced to Eden Energy Medicine in January 2008 and my life has truly not been the same since! I became a Certified Practitioner in 2011 and am now honored to serve as Communications Coordinator. I currently maintain a part-time private practice and facilitate a variety of workshops in the US and abroad. My passion of creating connection is expressed through engaging deeply within the framework of heart-story, music, art, spending time outdoors with my animals and with my hands in the garden soil. Most of all, I am blessed to raise my beautiful daughter within a vibrant tribe of family and friends.


Michelle Bradley
Innersource Warehouse Administrative Assistant

I have been working for Innersource since St. Patrick’s Day 2014. My main focus is making sure all orders are quickly and accurately fulfilled. I have lived in Southern Oregon for over thirty-five years. My background is small business retail operations. Most recently, as a non-traditional student, I completed my Bachelor of Science at Southern Oregon University. I have two children and two grandchildren, and love, love, love, the outdoors.


Anna Marie Crowley
Warehouse Manager

As one of the newest members of the Innersource family, I have quickly realized how fortunate I am to join such a dynamic and caring team. While my duties as the Warehouse Manager are primarily focused on order fulfillment, I look forward to incorporating my marketing and customer service background into this role with the hopes of continuing to offer excellence in both product and customer experience.

I am originally from Phoenix, AZ, grew up in Eugene, OR, and lived in Santa Barbara, CA and Reno, NV before landing in the Rogue Valley. My husband and I have grown to love the area and are enjoying making this community our home. We love the outdoors, and enjoy sharing our passion with our two pups.


Sandi Roberts
Regional Education Coordinator

As the Regional Education Coordinator, I offer support and education to our wonderful, creative team of Foundations teachers. I am an Advanced Practitioner with a private practice in Frederick, Maryland and teach introductory and advanced EEM classes.

I enjoy biking, hiking, gardening, and playing with our 3 grandsons.

I live on Elk Mountain in the Appalachians on a small, organic farm where my husband, Craig, and I raised 5 children, along with cattle, chickens and other critters. I continue to appreciate the gifts of the animals, and their willingness to teach me life lessons.