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Next Generation





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Titanya and Dondi Dahlin

We cannot resist mentioning that "ENERGY MEDICINE" has transmuted into a fabulous form with the "next generation." Both of Donna Eden’s daughters are busily involved in many aspects of Innersource and Donna Eden’s work plus have their own multi-faceted separate careers as world-class dancers, workshop instructors, performers and so, so much more. 

Don’t miss Titanya and Dondi's annual week-long, highly acclaimed workshop that features their own Five Element Bellydance


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Titanya Monique Dahlin

Titanya is an established professional multi-dimensional artist whose wide array of talents from Award Winning Public Speaking, Professional Middle Eastern Dancer and Polynesian Dancer, Stage Actress, Artist and Waldorf Teacher. All her life, Titanya has studied and been a lifelong student in the Esoteric and Healing arts.

Titanya is Donna’s eldest daughter and assists Donna Eden in most of her national and international alternative medicine workshops. Titanya has been teaching with Donna and leading Energy Medicine Dance, since her early beginnings. Titanya is a graduate of Donna Eden’s two-year Energy Medicine Certification program and on the faculty of the school. She is the Movement Director of the program and plans to launch a training program in Energy Medicine Dance in the future.

Titanya also has a large international following as one of the few experts in the field of Life Color Readings.

On Titanya’s website, you can find a full array of popular Energy Medicine products including DVDs, study guide charts, Life Color readings and Energy Medicine tools that complement Donna Eden's work. (Sign up for her Newletter!)

Titanya is the creator of Energy Medicine Dance™, a holistic approach that integrates Donna Eden's work to movement with world music. Titanya’s Energy Medicine Dance™ nurtures the body, empowers the mind and awakens the spirit. Students from all over the world have attended her popular workshop classes and she has sold thousands of Energy Medicine Dance™ instructional DVDs. Titanya’s Energy Medicine Dance™ is welcomed with enthusiasm every time it is offered at Donna Eden's workshops.

Before coming into her Mother’s work, Titanya's history includes being a multi-award winner in national speech competitions. Titanya also is an award winning Belly Dancer who has travelled and taught all around the world for over 25 years. She wrote and starred and danced in her own one-woman shows. Her stories always showed the strength of women facing hard times and how they overcome their tragedies. Scheherazade -The Veil Behind the Blade, The Trancendance of Inanna, were some of her most famous dramatic performances.

Titanya has created Five Element Bellydance incorporating the Chinese Five Element system into her Belly dance workshops since 1996. She and her sister, Dondi, teach these popular workshops, while empowering women in their own divine spirit and movement at Omega Institute every year. Through storytelling and visualization, history and culture, costuming and the ancient art of Belly dance, your own personal connections to yourself come alive within the framework of the Chinese Five Elements. Their workshops are very popular; Women come back year after year to dance and connect with the sisters.

Titanya and Donna Eden are writing the book Energy Medicine for Kids...And Their Parents, Too! Titanya is also a certified Waldorf Education teacher (K-12) and has years of experience teaching children’s dance and movement, including directing her own children’s dance troupe. Titanya is producing a DVD program that will accompany the book. Look out for her Energy Medicine for Kids classes!

Dondi and Mom

Dondi Simone Dahlin

Dondi grew up in the exciting world of healing, music, dance, drama and the arts. She was raised between San Diego, California and Ashland, Oregon while also travelling to all corners of the globe. From her earliest memories she felt she was destined to be a film actress and worked her way up the ladder with roles in community theatre from the age of six and Speech/Dramatic competitions throughout college. She won many awards including, "Outstanding Speaker in the Nation" which featured her skills as a public speaker. But, when she moved to Hollywood at 20 years old she quickly found that the plastic bubble of show business was slowly destroying her soul. She had a couple of years in South Florida that brought success with over 100 National and International commercials and roles in television and music videos. She also became a member of the prestigious Screen Actors Guild.

Listen to an interview with Dondi as she talks about The Little Book of Energy Medicine, her childhood with Donna as her mother, and growing up with Energy Medicine as a part of her life.

However, all the while that Dondi was booking acting roles she was becoming a well known Middle Eastern Dancer and it was luring her away from the harsh realities of the acting world. This journey had started when she was just 4 years old. When Dondi was in Kindergarten she started training in Polynesian Dance and experienced some of her first professional contracts in The Cook Islands with her sister, Titanya. At 12 Dondi started studying Middle Eastern Dance and in 1991 was the exclusive Belly Dancer chosen to dance for Omar Sharif on his 60th birthday. In the 1990's Dondi continued to dance around the United States, Europe, Australia and Mexico. In 1997 she booked her first dance contract in the Middle East and since then has danced in Dubai, Turkey, India, Tunisia, Lebanon, Africa, Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Iceland, India, Spain, Africa and all over Europe. She is often requested to dance for celebrities including, Peter Fonda, Dwight Yokam, and Jimmy Buffet and has danced in concert with Egyptian pop idol, Amr Diab. In 2000 Dondi won,"Belly Dancer of the Universe" and in 2002, "Wiggles of the West" with her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe as a Belly Dancer. Hollywood producer, Miles Copeland chose Dondi to join the "Belly Dance Superstars" in 2004 and she was a part of the company for two years while touring with them throughout America, Canada, Spain and Europe.

As a famous Middle Eastern Dancer Dondi trained in and taught Lebanese, Egyptian, Turkish, Moorish and Folkloric styles of Belly Dance. Dondi has graced many CD and magazine covers. Nationally, she was nominated for, "Best Kept Secret, 2001" and "Cabaret Dancer of the Year, 2003." She is featured in over 10 Belly Dance videos along with, "Belly Dance Superstars~ Live in Paris" and, "Belly Dance with Dondi" from Saroyan productions. San Diego Magazine named Dondi "One of the 50 best things about San Diego."

After performing around the world for over two decades, Dondi joined Innersource and loves being a part of the family business. She has a multifaceted role in the company from writing handbooks and documents to helping teach and coordinate TEEM (Teaching Eden Energy Medicine), to being the company photographer, to helping write books like, The Little Book of Energy Medicine.

Dondi balances her work with taking care of Tiernan Ray who was born in May, 2009. She doesn't travel around the world dancing anymore but she still teaches dance and leads week-long annual retreats with Titanya. They taught Belly Dance and the Five Elements at Feathered Pipe Ranch in Montana for several years and having been teaching at OMEGA Institute in New York for over a decade. In their workshops they explore stories, myths, history, movement, dance, relationships and self-discovery through Middle Eastern Dance and what they learned from their Mom while growing up in The Chinese Five Elements.

When in her home town of San Diego, Dondi and Tiernan live in a 1904 historic home of which she personally fought for two years to have added to the Historical Registry in San Diego. Her house is #877 and is the only "National Folk House" on the register.


Tiernan Ray Devenyns

Tiernan was born May, 2009 and he loves looking like his grandma (though, he doesn't like getting those curls combed). He calls his grandma, Mama and he is a natural at EEM. He has already done many healings for family members and his little friends. One of his first healings was when he was 1 year old, when another little baby had a stomach ache. Tiernan loves trains, planes and playing, "pretend." He has been told that, one day he will be the CEO of Innersource, but right now that is just too much to think about. He would rather run through the grass, jump in puddles and play with his toys.