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Energy Medicine by Donna Eden


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The Clinical Practicum: Year 3 of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program

Deepen Your Practice and Experience with Energy Medicine!

The Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practicum (CLP) gives students the opportunity to gain confidence in Eden Energy Medicine while they deepen their practice and understanding of its tools. The CLP is the next step in gaining proficiency as an EEM Practitioner and has been described by some students as the year where "it all came together."

The CLP Qualifies for 26 Continued Training (CT) Hours per Class!

This hands-on training will help you explore the profound nature of EEM using the protocols and techniques you studied during the first two years of the EEM Certification Program. You will build on these basics and then follow the energy as it helps you fly. Find out what Donna means when she talks about truly "owning" Energy Medicine.

In speaking about the Clinical Practicum, Donna says "I would like you to have the experience of truly owning Energy Medicine!"

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Year 3 is now also in the UK!

Just South of London, England

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Introducing NEW EEM Protocols Donna uses for specific illnesses!

In The Clinical Practicum:

  • Observe Senior Practitioners giving complete sessions.
  • Give and receive at least three sessions with supervised feedback.
  • Participate in small group demonstrations.
  • Get hints, tips, and guidance.
  • Mentor with a senior EEMCP faculty member for a year.
  • Participate in occasional Q&A sessions with Donna Eden.

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