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January 29, 2015


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February 06, 2015

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Becoming a Teaching Assistant to Donna Eden and Innersource

Donna and some her Teaching Assistants
Donna with her Esalen 2010 Teaching Assistants

The use of TAs at Innersource events greatly improves the quality of training we offer and allows Eden Energy Medicine students and practitioners to hone their craft with hands-on experience within the EEM atmosphere. Being a TA at an EEM class is an excellent way to enhance your EEM training.

TAs are used at local events (evening, 1-day, and weekends), Practicums, Donna's Advanced Classes, and EEMCP Foundations classes. Working local events is also a great way to build your practice if you live in the area of the event.

The rapid growth of the Foundations Year of the EEMCP now provides additional opportunities for TAs and will be the most active area of the TA program in the future. Beginning in May 2012/2013, all Foundations Year TAs must be graduates of the EEMCP Year 2.

Compensation for TAs is generally waived tuition to the event. This arrangement provides the TA the opportunity for professional development and at the same time allows us to keep our fees lower for our students.

What We Consider in Selecting TAs for Events:

Only a limited number of people can be accepted for each workshop. We often have more TAs apply than can be used, so not everyone can be chosen.

We look at every application for every workshop. A complex mix of factors is involved in TA selection. This includes a rotation system that allows us to utilize both new people and those who have been TAs for awhile. We value our long-term Teaching Assistants and want new people to have the experience of being a Teaching Assistant. Please do not become discouraged if you are not selected for a particular event. Not being invited to one event does not mean you will not be invited to the next one. The opportunity to be a TA is growing with the increasing number of Foundations and EM101 classes.

The TA selection process is set up so that applicants are evaluated in a fair and equitable manner. The criteria we use when selecting TAs for an event is detailed below. Combining these criteria with our rotation system makes for as fair a process as possible. Here is how we consider TAs.

1. If the person HAS been a TA before:

A. How well does the person know EEM and how well does the person convey that knowledge?

B. How well did the person manage the dynamics of his/her small group?

i. Was the person able to stay within an EEM framework?

1. Did this person introduce other approaches and concepts that might confuse students new to EEM?

ii. Did the person stay within the parameters of the class?

1. Did they bring in other teaching material that was not covered from the stage even though it was EEM?

C. Was it easy for students and TAs to approach the person?

D. Was the person available to students and visible/accessible immediately before, during, and after class times?

E. How proactive was the person in engaging students?

F. How did the person do with their other TA roles and assignments like the Resource Table, signing line, etc.?

G. How good were the student evaluations about the person?

H. How much has the person volunteered to support other Innersource activities?

2. If the person HAS NOT been a TA before:

A. What experience does the person have with EEM?

B. Is the person able to stay within an EEM framework?

C. How much has the person volunteered to support other Innersource activities?

D. Make sure Innersource has a completed TA application on file

3. Does the person have or has the person run a study group?

4. Personal Qualities we look for:
A. "Heart" and compassion.

B. Ability to step out of personal issues and be present for students.

C. Ability to be outgoing and engaging, regardless of your "default" personality. This quality is essential at events.

D. Demonstrated "responsibility" (past responsiveness to needs of students and colleagues, responsiveness to phone and email contact, keeping appointments and scheduled meetings, etc.).

5. Events Considerations:

A. We use a mix of new and experienced TAs at each event. We strive to allow as many people as possible the opportunity to be a TA and work to bring as many new TAs to an event as we can.

B. Local people are given extra consideration as they can do follow-up classes, and study groups, provide sessions, and get to the event more economically.

C. Requests to work an event should be sent to our TA Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least four months prior to the event you would like to work. Shorter notice reduces your chance to work at an event.

The Benefits of Being a TA

  • The opportunity for additional learning and professional development by experiencing Donna and our other EEM teachers in action and through further involvement with the Eden Energy Medicine community.
  • The opportunity to be part of the TA team, to work closely with others, and to experience the teaching side of EEM.
  • Waived tuition to the class at which you work. This arrangement provides an excellent path for people's professional development, and it allows us to keep our fees lower for students.
  • An experience with like-minded individuals who care about personal worth, value, health, and happiness.

Applying to be a TA

There is a one-time application process. The minimum requirement to be a TA is that you have completed the one-year Foundations Classes. To work as a TA at the Foundations Classes, you must have graduated Year 2 of the EEMCP. You also must be up to date with Innersource regarding finances. (i.e. you do not owe money to Innersource).

How to Apply

  1. Please fill out the online application.
  2. If you are a graduate of the EEMCP, ask one of your teachers from the EEMCP to send a letter recommending you as a TA to Frank Dowler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please have your name in the subject line. The focus of this letter needs to be why the teacher thinks you would make a good TA and what the teacher sees as your strengths and the areas you might need to develop too become a TA. If you are still in the EEMCP you need recommendations from two of your teachers.
  3. Please submit copies of workshop/class announcements or other advertisements if you are a health care practitioner.
  4. Please be sure your listing and photo are on either the Energy Medicine Directory located at www.EnergyMedicineDirectory.com,  or on the Certified Practitioner Directory. Your application will not be finalized until you are listed! Go here to get listed on the EM Directory. Go here to get listed on the Certified Practitioner Directory. The EM Directory is for anyone who has taken an EEM course with Donna Eden while the Certified Practitioner Directory is for graduates of the EEMCP two-year program.
  5. Download, sign, and return the online ethics form to Frank Dowler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Questions can be directed to Frank This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or he can be reached at 407-677-0109.