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TEEM (Teaching Eden Energy Medicine)

TEEM 101 is also in the UK in June, 2016!

Just South of London, England

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Would you like to improve your teaching skills?

Would you like to teach Eden Energy Medicine classes in your city or other interesting parts of the world?

Would you like Innersource's help and support in doing that?

TEEM is your opportunity to learn exciting ways to bring out the best in your teaching. It can help you become authorized to teach Eden Energy Medicine classes, too.

TEEM is an exciting program designed to help anyone become a better EEM teacher.  In this hands-on intensive training program, you will enhance your natural ability to present Donna Eden's work with enthusiasm and versatility while maintaining the professional quality and integrity of her work.

TEEM trainings are open to all EEMCP graduates and are composed of two separate components:
TEEM 101 and TEEM Foundations

TEEM 101

TEEM 101 focuses on improving your skills as a teacher and presenter through lecture, demonstration, and presentation of practice modules during class.  There is a three-month mentorship after the TEEM 101 class during which you will be supported as you teach entry-level EM101 and EM102 classes in your community.  Each TEEM 101 class will be limited to 50 students.

Watch a quick clip about TEEM 101.


TEEM Foundations is a dynamic advanced teaching class designed to prepare you to teach Foundations in your local community. It is open to graduates of TEEM 101 who have also completed EEMCP Year 3 (see below.) The on-site coursework consists of five days of intensive training that focuses on the unique challenges and wonderful opportunities inherent in teaching the advanced EEM materials that comprise the Foundations Year of the Certification Program. Class is followed by a one-year mentorship during which students are supported as they teach introductory classes in their communities and serve as interns in existing Foundations Year classes. Students who successfully complete this advanced teaching class, and all required practice teaching elements, are eligible to teach their own EEM Foundations Year classes and to be considered as candidates to join the EEM Certification Program (CP) Faculty. Each TEEM Foundations class will be limited to 24 students.


Completion of TEEM 101 and EEMCP Year 3 are prerequisites to taking TEEM Foundations. The graduates of TEEM Foundations who have been the most successful in terms of student evaluations and other measures not only have strong teaching skills, they also have substantial experience working with clients. They draw on that experience during their classes, both in how they present the material and in their ability to respond to questions. The client sessions required to graduate from Year 3 insure that TEEM Foundations students have that background. We are committed to preparing you to be the best Foundations teacher you are capable of being!

All TEEM classes are held in conjunction with the EEM Certification Program at the Wigwam Resort in Phoenix, AZ, and at Wotton House near Dorking, England